1st May 2019


Ozone Consulting Services

Ozone Solutions Inc. is happy to offer consulting services in regards to designing, scaling-up, revamping or changing your current processes. Due to our experienced technical staff, Ozone Solutions has had the opportunity to work with several other consulting companies in their efforts to test the design and feasibility of ozone in new production processes.

Our engineering and technical staff are experts in process design, simulation, optimization, waste management, pollution reduction, energy reduction, safety, control management and much more! In order to maximize your profit, we will consider all process regulations and restrictions that apply to you and suggest the optimal place for ozone integration into your specific application.

Our team of consultants can deal with almost any process, here are some examples:

  • Deciding whether or not to use metal removal and ozone when removing BOD and COD
  • Integrating ozone into poultry processing, for minimal energy consumption
  • Increasing catalyst activity via the plant
  • Increasing yield in bio-gas production
  • Lowering energy consumption in steam reforming by using ozone
  • Designing ozone disinfection processes for date disinfection

All of the above and many more, case specific designs and calculations can be addressed by our team of consultants. Please contact us at or 712-439-6880, to ask about our consulting services.