CT-10 Ozone Generator

19th Aug 2020

CT-10 Ozone Generator

How to sanitize and disinfect your home, office and work environment has become a priority for everyone. We’re all hunting for a product that will clean down to a microscopic level with no elbow grease and no residue - enter Ozone Solutions!

Using ozone gas is a fast, reliable, and cost-effective way to provide microbial sanitation that cleans surfaces and air. This safe application can reach into every crack and crevice with a 99% efficacy rate. It can kill pathogens like the flu, SARS, and coronavirus with no harsh chemical residue left behind. It’s the safest treatment protecting you, your family, and your pets!

Ozone Solutions’ CT-10 is a portable ozone generator with a destruct unit and ozone monitor. The CT-10’s destruct unit removes and destroys any remaining ozone left after treatment, and its Human-Machine Interface allows you to set your ozone needs. Simply program your CT-10 for the desired level of ozone. It will detects when that level of ozone has been reached and automatically destructs the remaining gas. When the green light is on this lets you know the area is safe and impurities in the air have been removed. The CT-10 comes designed for all around multiple use applications depending on the kill level you are trying to achieve. The concentration of ozone varies depending on ppm levels required and size of room being treated.

We also provide engineering assistance to custom fit your purchase to your sanitation needs. If you are interested in more specifics – please contact us at sales@ozonesolutions.com.