Nurseries / Daycares

24th Apr 2020

Nurseries / Daycares

Ozone effectively removes odors from daycares and church nurseries

Daycares can be a breeding ground for germs, viruses and bacteria. Strong odors also have a way of lingering in enclosed airspaces. When parents drop off heir kids, they want to know that the environment is sanitary. Bad odors may leave the wrong impression.

Ozone can help with:

Odor Elimination

  1. Remove the source of the odor (Ex: Take the garbage out at the end of the day)
  2. Clean the area (wipe down surfaces with disinfectant, vacuum, etc.)
  3. Depending on environment, run the machine for at least 2 hours in the evening
  4. Allow at least 2 hours after the generator is shut off to re-enter the room
  5. Lastly; enjoy the fresh, clean, germ-free environment that the parents will definitely notice

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