L-300 : High Flow Ozone Injection System

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Product Overview

Hess Machine Ozone Generators were designed for use in the bottled water industry. These ozone generators produce ozone from dry air with an integrated air dryer, meaning only compressed air, electricity, and cooling water are required for operation. These are the most reliable, and robust ozone generators still in production today.

The Hess Machine Ozone Generators can be used for any application where ozone from dry air is required. These generators are well built and reliable, allowing them to provide you with many years of operation.

What makes the L-300 different?

The L-300 produces 3 lb/day ozone from 3 horizontal, water cooled ozone tubes.


  • 57 g/hr Ozone from 180 SCFH of Dry Air at 1% by weight
  • Ozone generated from dry air with integrated air dryer
  • Water cooled ozone generator
  • Line frequency ozone generator provides extremely reliable operation
  • Adjustable Output

More Information

Concentration at Rated Flow 1%
Max Operating Pressure 15 PSI (1.05 Bar)
Supply Gas Dry Air
Adjustable Ozone Output Dial Yes
Cooling Water Cooled
Corona Cell Materials Stainless Steel with Glass/Quarts Dielectric
Flowmeter Yes
Pressure Gauge Yes
Operating Frequency Line Frequency 50/60 Hz
Ozone/Oxygen Connections 1/4" Female NPT Connections
Ozone Output 57 grams/hour
Weight 535.0 lbs (242.7 kg)
Electrical 220 VAC 50/60 Hz
Dimensions 61 x 30 x 45 inches (154.9 x 76.2 x 114.3 cm)
Warranty 1 Years
Rated Flow 84.95 LPM (180 SCFH)
Shipping Weight 750
Air Dryer Type Desiccant - Pressure Swing Absorption
Operating Pressure 10 to 13 PSI (0.7 to 0.91 Bar)