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 The Mission of Ozone Solutions:
To create a cleaner, safer, and healthier world by engineering green technologies
 The Vision of Ozone Solutions:
To engineer and manufacture high quality products that empower people and organizations to clean air, purify water, and disinfect food with chemical-free, environmentally safe technology.
 About Ozone Solutions: A World Leader in Ozone Machines

Founded in 1997, Ozone Solutions has grown to become a worldwide leader in commercial ozone machines, ozone engineering, and ozone repair services. Ozone Solutions' products have allowed commercial and residential customers to address concerns such as odor elimination and the disinfection of bacteria and pathogens from contact surfaces.

Ozone (O3) is produced by charging oxygen molecules, which causes the oxygen atoms to separate and temporarily recombine with other oxygen (O2) molecules. This happens in nature through lightning strikes and the sun’s ultraviolet rays. When ozone encounters contaminants such as bacteria, it causes oxidation, which eliminates those contaminants and leaves oxygen as the only by-product.

 Ozone Applications:

Ozone generators replicate the natural oxidation process to create one of the most powerful and effective commercial oxidants available. Ozone is used in dozens of industry applications to eradicate an extensive list of viruses and bacteria. It also provides solutions for odor control and air treatment, surface and piping sanitation, raw water purification, and many other issues. Unlike other alternatives, ozone's organic composition enables it to meet odor elimination, disinfection, and sanitization needs efficiently. It leaves no residuals or chemical by-products - proving itself to be the most environmentally friendly disinfection option available.

Ozone Solutions designs and manufactures over 400 ozone-related products, including ozone generators, ozone monitors, and ozone injection systems. We also offer ozone machines for rent. Our line of ozone products serve national and international customers in industries such as healthcare, food & beverage, cooling tower, water treatment, and cannabis production. We provide options from hand-held portable ozone monitors, to small commercial generators, to large-scale industrial ozone systems for both air and water disinfection.

Ozone Solutions is here to provide custom tailored products for each customer’s specific application. We provide custom engineering, integration consultation, on-site support, and all of our ozone machines incorporate state of the art technology. Every Ozone Solutions system comes with features specifically designed to simplify installation and maintenance, while integrating seamlessly into your current process.

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