OZV-8 - Ozone Generator - 8 gram/hr (Rental)

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15 lbs.
Wall Mount
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Product Overview

Ozone Solutions

When using an Oxygen feed-gas, the OZV-8 will produce 10 g/hr of ozone from only 4 LPM oxygen. Ozone concentrations greater than 6% by weight are possible at flow rates of 1 LPM. 

When using a Dry-Air feed-gas, the OZV-8 will produce 4 g/hr ozone from 7 LPM of air-flow. 

The integrated circuit board is programmed with No-Flow, or Low-Flow protection. By default, this programming will shut off ozone production at flow rates lower than 2 LPM, and resume ozone production at flow rates above 3 LPM. If your application requires a lower flow rate, we can customize the programming as needed. Please check the Flow-Switch Delete option when purchasing if you would like the system to operate using lower pressures than 2 LPM. 

This flexible ozone generator will produce ozone from either a dry air, or an oxygen feed gas. This generator can also operate under a -5 PSI vacuum or 5 PSI of pressure. 

This ozone generator has tabs to be wall mounted. However, it can also operate as a table top ozone system, because orientation will not affect the operation.

What makes the OZV-8 different

The OZV-8 Ozone Generator can operate on dry-air, or an oxygen feed-gas. The OZV-8 can also operate under a vacuum of up to -5 PSI, and a pressure of up to 5 PSI.

Very few, if any ozone generators offer this range of flexibility.

Warranty Information

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