OZV-8 - Ozone Generator - 8 gram/hr (Rental)

Ozone Solutions

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California Regulatory Information

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15 lbs.
Wall Mount

Product Overview

Ozone Solutions

When using an Oxygen feed-gas, the OZV-8 will produce 10 g/hr of ozone from only 4 LPM oxygen. Ozone concentrations greater than 6% by weight are possible at flow rates of 1 LPM. 

When using a Dry-Air feed-gas, the OZV-8 will produce 4 g/hr ozone from 7 LPM of air-flow. 

The integrated circuit board is programmed with No-Flow, or Low-Flow protection. By default, this programming will shut off ozone production at flow rates lower than 2 LPM, and resume ozone production at flow rates above 3 LPM. If your application requires a lower flow rate, we can customize the programming as needed. Please check the Flow-Switch Delete option when purchasing if you would like the system to operate using lower pressures than 2 LPM. 

This flexible ozone generator will produce ozone from either a dry air, or an oxygen feed gas. This generator can also operate under a -5 PSI vacuum or 5 PSI of pressure. 

This ozone generator has tabs to be wall mounted. However, it can also operate as a table top ozone system, because orientation will not affect the operation.

What makes the OZV-8 different

The OZV-8 Ozone Generator can operate on dry-air, or an oxygen feed-gas. The OZV-8 can also operate under a vacuum of up to -5 PSI, and a pressure of up to 5 PSI.

Very few, if any ozone generators offer this range of flexibility.

Warranty Information

No Warranty on Rentals

California Regulatory Warning

All of Ozone Solutions ozone generators are intended for industrial use ONLY within the state of California.
They are to be used in unoccupied spaces only.
Health hazard warning: emits ozone.