Ozone Compatible Tubing

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Product Overview

Ozone Solutions

Picking the Right Tubing - Tubing Chart

Factors affecting tubing selection
S (Size)The Inside Diameter (ID) and also the wall thickness if specified.
  • What continuous length is desired?
  • Is the flexibility of the tubing a concern?
T (Temperature)The temperature of the substance passing through the tubing as well as the temperature of the environment.
  • Will the tubing be placed indoors, outdoors or buried?
A (Application)How is it being used?
  • Is the flexibility of the tubing a concern?
  • How soon do you need the tubing?
M (Media)What is the chemical and concentration of the material passing through the tubing.
  • If the media will be ozone gas, what is the percentage by net weight of the ozone?
  • Does the tubing transparency matter?
P (Pressure)To what Pressure / Vacuum will the tubing be subjected?  
  PVDF w/ EVA Outer Jacket FEP FX Flexelene PTFE
Material Names Polyvinylidene fluoride with Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate Fluorinated Ethylene-propylene Polyethylene based polymer Polytetrafluoro-ethylene
Processed Melt Extrusion for both materials Melt by Injection Molding   Paste Extrusion
Ozone Amt. or rating N/A Excellent Up to 1.5% (32g/m3) Excellent
Available footages 100ft. roll is normal, 500ft. available 100ft. - 1000ft. with 100ft. increments 100 ft. 100 ft.
Fittings to use Barbed only Barbed or compression Barbed only Barbed or compression
Tensile or Burst PSI N/A 3,000 1/2" x 5/8" = 145 2,500 - 4000
Flexibility 0 - 4 (most) 3 2 4 1
Rigidity Easily flattened Can be stepped on w/out collapsing Easily flattened, but will bounce back Can be stepped on w/out collapsing
Hardness (D2240) N/A 57 Shore D 92 Shore A 60 Shore D
Coefficient of Friction or Lubricity (D1894) 0-4(best) 2 (0.27 - 0.67) 3 1 (0.08) 4
UV (outdoor) Exposure Excellent Excellent Good Excellent
Specific gravity gm/cu.cm (resin weight) N/A 2.15   2.17
Chemical Resistance Rating (best)A-D Poor with Strong Acids, otherwise B A (all common solvents, acids and bases)   A (all common solvents, acids and bases)
Working Temperature 110° F
43° C
-418° - 403° F
-250° - 206° C
-40° - 170° F
-40° - 76° C
- 454° - 500° F
- 270° - 260° C
Continuous Service Temperature 155° F
68° C
400° F
204° C
170° F
76° C
500° F
260° C
Melting Point 176° F
80° C
518° F
270° C
168° F Vicat softening point 621° F
327° C
Dielectric Constant (D150-81) N/A 2.1   2.1
Weathering 0-4(best) Yellows in sun 4   3.5
Natural Color Clear inside with a white outer jacket Clear Clear **White or translucent
Available (Not kept in stock)
Outer jacket color *White, Blue, Black, Red, Orange, Green *White, Blue, Black, Red, Orange, Purple, Green, Yellow, Brown, Pink *White, Blue, Black, Red, Orange, Green
Certifications N/A FDA raw material approved USP Class VI NSF 51 Certified Raw Materials, RoHS Compliant USP Class VI approved

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