S-900 : Transmitter and Controller

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Product Overview

Aero-Qual Gas Monitoring

The Series 900 Fixed Ozone Gas Detector is a flexible monitor compatible with 4 ranges of ozone sensor as well as a temperature and humidity sensor, if required. It is designed to measure and control ozone concentrations and communicate to a variety of hardware systems. The monitor can operate in three ways:

  1. As a relay controller with user configured set points to control an external device such as an ozone generator or initiate an alarm.
  2. As an ozone transmitter via the 4-20 mA output which allows connection to a PLC or current sensing device to provide ozone concentration information for applications such as health and safety monitoring.
  3. As an ozone network via the RS485 digital output to enable ozone monitoring at several indoor locations with information being logged to a central point.

The S900 Ozone Gas Detector is lightweight, discrete and easily wall mountable. It requires a 12V power supply which is user configured to allow flexibility in the locations it can be installed. The sensor heads are simple to replace and can be sent back to Aeroqual for recalibration. The sensor heads available with the S900 Fixed Ozone Monitor can be found under the sensors tab.

There is also free to download configuration and networking software available under the downloads tab. The configuration software allows for quick and easy configuration of the alarm and control setpoints. The networking software can be used to log data from a network of monitors to a single PC.

Monitor Quick Comparison: 
Portable: No 
Range: Multiple 
Display: None 
Alarm: Relays 
Outputs: Multiple 
Datalogging: No 
Indoor / Outdoor: Indoor

Optional Accessories Description
DL-2 Datalloger Kit 4-20mA The DL-2 Datalogger easily stores up to 43,000 datapoints! Data is instantly & quickly transferred to the computer with included USB Cable & Windows XP compatible software.
R-20 Control Relay Easy on/off ozone generator or alarm control
RS485 to USB Converter Serial RS 485 to USB Converter for connecting S900, S930, S940, SM70, to PC


  • Low and high alarm signals with control diagnostics
  • Outputs include 4-20 mA, RS-485 and relays
  • Multiple sensor ranges available
  • Optional Temperature and Relative Humidity Sensor (order as S-905)
  • Can utilize sensor heads for other ranges and gases
  • Consider: Wall-Mount. Range: Multiple. Display: None. Outputs: Multiple.
 More Information
Weight 0.44 lbs (0.19 kg)
Electrical 12 VDC (User Supplied - no adapter included) 0.8 A
Dimensions 2.5 x 5 x 5 inches (6.4 x 12.7 x 12.7 cm)
Warranty 1 Years
Display None
Temperature Range 23 to 122°F (-5 to 50°C)
Supporting Documents User Manual and NIST Traceable Calibration Sheet included
Alarm Relays - 2 alarms (2 alarm setpoints for Low and High Alarm)
Humidity Range 0 to 95%
Internal Datalogging Yes
Display Units None
Communication Protocol RS-485
Relays 1

S-900 Specifications S-900 User Guide Available Sensors
S-900 Specifications S-900 User Guide S-900 User Guide


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