TG-150-Rental-7 Day

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Product Overview

The TG-150 is a water cooled ozone generator capable of producing 150 grams/hour of ozone from only 30 LPM of oxygen at 5.8% by weight. Used with a common 20 SCFH (10 LPM) oxygen contractor the TG-150 will produce 70 g/hr of ozone at 8.2% by weight. The TG-150 can be mounted on a wall, or used on a shelf for simple operation. [b]Ozone Output:[/b] 150 g/hr at 5.8% and 30 LPM Oxygen 100 g/hr at 8% and 15 LPM Oxygen 70 g/hr at 8.2% and 10 LPM Oxygen 55 g/hr at 9% and 7.5 LPM Oxygen