Ozone Treatment Chambers

Ozone Solutions has an array of chamber systems to fit your needs. No matter what you need to ozonate, Ozone Solutions has - or will create - the perfect solution! Check out our chambers below, and email us at sales@ozonesolutions.com or call us at 888.892.0303

Benchtop Chamber

Large Chamber Trailer

Standalone Ozone Chamber

benchtop3.png large-chamber-3.png standalone-chamber2.png

Benchtop Chamber Specs

  • Ambient Air
  • 200 mg/hr
  • 400 PPM concentration
  • UV-106L Analyzer
  • Dual Destruct Modules w/ Air Pumps
  • 17.5"x13.5"x6"

Large Trailer Specs

  • Ambient Air
  • 40 g/hr
  • 500 PPM concentration
  • F-12 or UV-106L Analyzer
  • NT-400
  • 8'x7'x16'
  • 1 Ton Air Conditioner
  • 6000 Watt Gasoline Generator

Standalone Chamber Specs

  • Ambient Air
  • 20 g/hr
  • 500 PPM concentration
  • UV-106L Analyzer
  • ODS-2P Destruct Module
  • 63"x52.5"x25"

Custom Built Chambers

Ozone Solutions has the above Chamber options, but we can also custom build chambers to fit any need! Below are some examples of previous chambers we have built.

Ozone Chambers
img-5672.jpg img-5677.jpg
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