Rental Services

lease-agreement.pngWhen it comes to ozone equipment, renting and buying can both be profitable options. Which one is better depends upon your specific needs. If you have a one time need for ozone, such as smoke damage or need to evaluate a product without having to make a large investment, renting is a great option. However, if you have an ongoing need, such as killing bacteria or water purification, you may want to consider buying.

Ozone monitors and analyzers are highly recommended for personal safety and for analyzing the ozone usage in various applications. Ozone Solutions uses high-end analyzers to help determine the ozone concentration required at the usage point. This is important as it will help Ozone Solutions Engineering Team to design your very own ozone system with the best price on the market. 

Industrial ozone generators range from ground/water remediation trailers to clean-in-place spray down ozone systems. Ozone Solutions is constantly manufacturing and upgrading our rental line to provide the best and most easy-to-use ozone generator systems. 

Residential ozone generators are designed for shock treatment and re-energizing your home. Ozone Solutions' range of ozone generators will provide you with the exact amount of ozone required for your treatment. 

Ozone Solutions has a rental fleet consisting of ozone monitors as well as industrial and residential generators. Give Ozone Solutions a call today at 888.892.0303 to help determine what turn-key ozone generator will fit for your application.