Ozone in the Food Industry

bread-midsize.pngOzone Solutions has provided custom disinfecting systems for industrial and commercial use for over 20 years. Utilizing ozone technologies in your production facility will eliminate foodborne pathogens like salmonella, E. coli, listeria, and other contaminants 3000x more effectively than chlorine treatments, without residuals. Most importantly, it’s environmentally friendly. Ozone is organic! No more monthly chemical purchases, shipping, delays, storing, and the liability of spillage and employee safety. Using ozonated water or gas disinfects wherever applied.

Ozone Benefits for Processing & Storage of Food Products:

  • Approved by the FDA, USDA and supported by the National Organic Program
  • Reduces overall cleaning time; therefore, increasing production time
  • Reduces foul odors by eliminating airborne pathogens
  • Leaves no chemical residue requiring a final rinse
  • Improves water and energy efficiency
  • Lowers costs in the waste disposal
  • Reduces BOD/COD in wastewater
  • Reduces monthly chemical costs
  • Eliminates shipping and storage
  • Instant pathogen destruction
  • Extends product shelf life

Ozone gas or water can be applied to air systems, production equipment, prep surfaces, packaging, storage facilities, and trucks.

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