Ozone Use in the Beef Industry

Beef processors are constantly looking for more effective ways to keep livestock, facilities, and equipment contamination-free. Microbial disinfection is essential for consumer safety with the growing global consumer demand for beef products.

Utilizing ozone technologies in your facility will eliminate foodborne pathogens like salmonella, E. coli, listeria, and other contaminants more quickly and effectively than chemical treatments. Most importantly, it’s eco-friendly. Ozone is organic and sustainable and generated on-site!

Ozone can be used in gaseous and aqueous applications at most steps in the poultry lifecycle and processing; it provides distinct advantages over other disinfectants for producers. Ozone gas or water can be applied to fresh meat products, production equipment, prep surfaces, packaging, storage facilities, and trucks.

Ozone Benefits for Beef Processing & Storage:

  • Approved by the FDA and the USDA
  • Supported by the National Organic Program
  • Instant pathogen destruction (Microorganisms Ozone Eliminates)
  • Removes airborne microbiological organisms and improves odors
  • No need to budget for increased prices or shipping costs
  • No harmful chemical residues that require a final rinse
  • No more worrying about shortages or shipping delays
  • 3000x more germicidal than chlorine
  • No need for chemical storage space
  • Lower cost of wastewater disposal
  • High water and energy efficiency
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Longer shelf life


Our extensive ozone generator line addresses contamination at each stage of processing. From products to eliminate odor and airborne contaminants (Airzone) to aqueous ozone generators for various environments (Waterzone Series, Waterzone SE Series, Waterzone IS Series), and combination aqueous/gaseous units (Dualzone), we offer products in numerous configurations.

We understand no two operations are the same. Our design and consultancy services enable you to tailor a system to your specifications. From evaluating your current system to assuring accurate sizing to installation oversight, our engineering and design team can help you at any project stage.

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