What is Ozone?

11th Jan 2021

What is Ozone & How Does Ozone Work?When someone asks, “What is ozone?”, your first thought is probably of the earth’s protective ozone layer that shields us from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet ray … read more

Cannabis and Ozone

3rd Nov 2020

Ozone Disinfection for CannabisOzone generators harness the power of three oxygen atoms (O₃). Two of the oxygen atoms form the oxygen that we breathe, and the third oxygen atom has the unique abili … read more

​Inactivation of COVID by Ozone Gas

14th Sep 2020

Ozone is Effective Against Covid-19A research team lead by Nara Medical University, is the first in the world to confirm the inactivation of the new coronavirus by exposure to ozone gas. The study … read more

Odors No More

20th Aug 2020

Ozone Can Kill the Cause of OdorsNo matter how much you clean and scrub, odors still linger. Everyone knows the solution to a problem is getting to the source! Air fresheners briefly mask an odor. An … read more
DR Plus Ozone Generator

DR Plus Ozone Generator

19th Aug 2020

Portable DisinfectionHow to sanitize and disinfect your home, office and work environment has become a priority for everyone. We’re all hunting for a product that will clean down to a microscopic leve … read more