Ozone Tubing

Ozone Compatible Tubing

  POROUS PTFE Ozone Compatible Tubing
  • PTFE Porous Tubing are excellent for use in extreme heat up to +500° F (260° C) and resistant to a low-end temperature of -328° (-200° C).  PTFE is used in applications where other plastics break down due to their inability to be resistant to chemicals and heat.  It is said that PTFE exhibits a combination of mechanical, electrical, chemical temperature and friction resistant properties unmatched by any other substrate.  It is a non-reactive, high molecular weight fluoropolymer compound used in aerospace, pharmaceutical, chemical and petrochemical fields.
  FLEXELENE Ozone Compatible Tubing
  • Flexelene Tubing offers superior impact and crack resistance—even at low temperatures. Made of FDA listed materials, it is suitable for use with food and beverage. It is made without plasticizers like DEHP, so it will not impart tastes or odors to the fluid passing through it. Tubing is semi-flexible, so it is good for gradual bends.
  PTFE Ozone Compatible Tubing
  • PTFE Tubing features a low friction coefficient that allows higher flows and easier washdown, while also helping to eliminate process-contaminating residue. The material is flexible, chemical resistant, nonflammable, and heat resistant. It also features a high dielectric strength and is inert to most chemicals and solvents. It is suitable for use in industrial, chemical processing, general laboratory, automotive, insulation, and food service applications.
  FEP Ozone Compatible Tubing
  • FEP tubing is a copolymer of TFE, the basic fluoro-monomer building block. The addition of a modifier results in a small, but meaningful departure from the properties of PTFE tubing. Mainly, it possesses a working pressure that is 30% higher, transparent walls, a small increase in stiffness, and a use temperature that is 50 degrees F lower. FEP tubing is best used with Kynar Fittings which are specially designed to create a tight seal around plastic tubing. These fittings come in a variety of sizes and specifications and are resistant to abrasion and corrosion.


  • Tubing - FEP - Ozone Compatible

    Tubing - FEP - Ozone Compatible

    Ozone Solutions

  • Tubing - PTFE - Ozone Compatible

    Tubing - PTFE - Ozone Compatible

    Ozone Solutions

  • Tubing - Flexelene - Ozone Compatible

    Tubing - Flexelene - Ozone Compatible

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  • Tubing - Pourous PTFE - Ozone Compatible

    Tubing - Porous PTFE - Ozone Compatible

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