Ozone use in the hospitality industry has been shown to save time and money, while achieving the same or better sanitation and odor control results. With proper ozone equipment, chemical costs can nearly be eliminated - only being needed for excessive messes. This means little to no chemical residuals in each room. This saves time, money, and is safer for workers and guests alike.

Check out this brochure which includes a study showing significant money savings with our DR-10 Plus in the hotel industry!


Benefits of Ozone Solutions Generators in the Hospitality Industry

  • Saves Money
  • Less Energy Use
  • Less Energy Use
  • Quick, Reliable Odor Removal
  • Destroys bacteria, viruses and other pathogens
  • Time Saving
  • No Residual Chemicals
  • Less Need for Chemicals in the Cleaning Process

How Does Ozone Achieve These Benefits?

Ozone Solutions’ generators save energy by being efficient and powerful. Our DR-10 Plus is the standard product for hotel room shock treatment. A shock treatment is the process of ozonating a room with large amounts of ozone. This destroys pathogens and odor causing bacteria, leaving the room clean and smelling like new.

Our machines save energy by requiring significantly less time to achieve a clean, odor-free room than our competitors. In most cases, our machine simply needs to be put into the room, turned on, and within 1-2 hours the room will be completely sanitized, odor-free and safe to enter.

Water is saved using our ozone generators because many cleaning methods can be virtually eliminated, excepting severe messes. Using a DR-10 Plus means less chemicals, and thus less water. A recent study we conducted showed that one hotel in Texas saved 32,000 gallons of water each year by investing in a quality ozone machine.

Odor removal is a huge bonus to the sanitation effects of our ozone generators. Ozone has been shown to effectively remove odors. It does not matter whether the smell comes from humans, food, drink, or gasoline, ozone can remove residual odors. For best results, the bulk odor-causing material should be removed. Next, ozone should be run for a period depending on the strength of the smell. Finally, the room needs a small amount of time for the ozone to dissipate back into oxygen. If this process is followed and completed, foul odors will be eradicated, leaving a pleasant, clean smell in its place.

Ozone helps to save money and improve safety. This is because our ozone machines do a lot of work that chemicals traditionally have been used to accomplish. Sanitation and odor removal are the top applications in the hospitality industry; Our ozone machines accomplish both, resulting in less chemical usage. This in turn means less money spent on chemicals, water and labor costs, as our machines successfully sanitize and remove odors without the need for a cleaning crew. The machine simply needs to be put in the room, turned on, and after a short time the process is complete!

Ozone saves money in many ways. By investing in an ozone generator like the DR-10 Plus, less chemicals are needed to achieve the same effect. This means money is saved on chemical costs as well as water, as chemicals need to be diluted to stay within acceptable safety ranges.

Time is also saved by using an ozone machine. In our recent study, our DR-10 Plus only needed to be run once for 30-60 minutes, compared to a competing ozone machine which needed to be run for a total of 4 hours to achieve the same effect.

Our machines significantly reduce the amount of time cleaning crews are needed in each room, as a lot of traditional cleaning can be done automatically, and more thoroughly, with ozone. This means less labor is needed to achieve the same quality cleaning, and thus a significant reduction in cost is achieved.

Energy savings can also be achieved. When compared to competitor’s machines, Ozone Solutions’ ozone generators need to be run less frequently (up to 4x less runtime) to achieve the same effects. With our efficient machines, significant energy savings can be achieved.

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Common Systems Used For the Hospitality Industry
DR-10 PlusPTAC2Ice Sanitation
Ozone Output 10,000 mg/h (10 g/h) Purpose: Ozone Solutions wishes to discreetly and non-intrusively provide a continuous dispensing of an organic cleaning agent (ozone) for significantly reducing the bacterial/viral load inside of an enclosed space. Proven to dramatically slow the growth of biofilm, mold and yeast
Fan Output 120 CFM Fewer cleanings, reduces downtime and expenses and uses no toxic chemicals
Designed for expeditious turnaround treatment Theory of Operation: A low output ozone generator continuously emits an ultra-low dosage of gaseous ozone into an enclosed space utilizing the pre-existing HVAC system to increase diffusion and maximize effectiveness. Installed in 15 minutes to incoming water line using standard industry components
Low maintenance, works in high humidity Unit indicator lights tell when to change the cartridge
DR-10 Plus PTAC2 Ice Sanitation