Custom Solutions


WaterZone Systems

WaterZone systems are ideal for treating water, clean in place (CIP), treating products and more!

WaterZone Quick-Specs
Ozone Output (g/hr) Ozone Dosage (ppm) Max Water Flow Rate (gpm) Tank Size (gal)
10 - 200 2.2 - 7.0 30 - 300 15 - 140

DualZone Systems

DualZone systems are the best of both worlds - they can treat both water and air, making them powerful and versatile.

DualZone Quick-Specs
Ozone Output (g/hr) Max Ozone Flow Rate (lpm) Max Water Flow Rate (gpm) Tank Size (gal)
20 - 200 5 - 30 30 - 300 15 - 140

Turnkey Systems

Turnkey systems are very simple to use - everything needed is integrated - simply plug & play!

Turnkey Quick-Specs
Ozone Output
Ozone Concentration
(by weight)
(WxDxH in inches)
10 - 40 Up to 5% 85 - 120 17x27.5x10 - 24x32x14

Total Generator Systems

Total Generators are very versatile. They self-tune, and can operate under almost any pressure and flow, providing optimal performance!

Total Generator Quick-Specs
Ozone Output (g/hr) Max Oxygen Flow Rate (lpm) Power Consumption (watts) Cooling
20 - 600 0 - 120 300 - 4800 Air or Water

Remediation Trailers

Ozone Solutions Remediation Trailers are ideal for operations which move frequently or where a lot of ozone is needed for a period of time.

No Remediation Trailer Overview PDF Available

Remediation Trailer Quick-Specs
Ozone Output (g/hr) Outputs
20 - 5000 1 - 40

Hess Machines

Hess Machines are built to suit the bottled water industry. These machines are powerful, reliable and have been used in the industry for decades!

Hess Machines Quick-Specs
Ozone Output (g/hr) Rated Flow (lpm) Supply Gas Tank Size (gal)
4.5 - 76 7.08 - 340 Dry Air 0 - 300

Ozone Chambers

Ozone Chambers are ideal for applications where products need to be treated with ozone. These can range from something that can sit on a work bench to an entire trailer - we custom build these to suit your needs!

Ozone Chambers Quick-Specs
Ozone Output (g/hr) Ozone concentration (ppm) Supply Gas Sizing
2 - 40+ 400 - 500 Ambient Air Benchtop - Large Trailer