Custom Solutions

We at Ozone Solutions strive to only sell the best ozone systems available. We use the highest quality equipment to ensure reliability, and since these systems are custom-built to fit your needs, you can be sure you are purchasing the right product!

Why Buy A Custom Ozone System From Ozone Solutions?

  • High Quality
  • Dependability
  • Ability to Automate Processes
  • Reduce or Eliminate Chemical Dependency
  • Add-Ons can Add Reliability & Save Money
  • Completely Customizable! Common Customizations include:
    • Visual/Audio Alarms
    • Remote Start/Stop of the System
    • PLC Integration to Customer System
    • Custom PLC/HMI Functionality
    • Data Logging
    • Remote Connectivity to HMI from any Computer
    • Custom Hardware

How To Determine Your System

The process is simple. To begin a custom order, call our sales team at (888) 892-0303 or email us at We will get information on the process you want to improve and determine the best fit for your needs. Once the best fit is found, we may suggest add-ons to the system to make your system more efficient and reliable or to add additional safety or communications to integrate into your system - giving you more control over your process!
Please reach out with any questions - we are always happy to help!

WaterZone Systems

WaterZone systems are ideal for treating water, clean in place (CIP), treating products, and more!

WaterZone Quick-Specs
Ozone Output (g/hr) Ozone Dosage (ppm) Max Water Flow Rate (gpm) Tank Size (gal)
10 - 200 2.2 - 7.0 30 - 300 15 - 140

DualZone Systems

DualZone systems are the best of both worlds - they can treat both water and air, making them powerful and versatile.

DualZone Quick-Specs
Ozone Output (g/hr) Max Ozone Flow Rate (lpm) Max Water Flow Rate (gpm) Tank Size (gal)
20 - 200 5 - 30 30 - 300 15 - 140

Turnkey Systems

Turnkey systems are very simple to use - everything needed is integrated - simply plug & play!

Turnkey Quick-Specs
Ozone Output
Ozone Concentration
(by weight)
(WxDxH in inches)
10 - 40 Up to 5% 85 - 120 17x27.5x10 - 24x32x14

Total Generator Systems

Total Generators are very versatile. They self-tune, and can operate under almost any pressure and flow, providing optimal performance!

Total Generator Quick-Specs
Ozone Output (g/hr) Max Oxygen Flow Rate (lpm) Power Consumption (watts) Cooling
20 - 600 0 - 120 300 - 4800 Air or Water

Remediation Trailers

Ozone Solutions Remediation Trailers are ideal for operations which move frequently or where a lot of ozone is needed for a period of time.

No Remediation Trailer Overview PDF Available

Remediation Trailer Quick-Specs
Ozone Output (g/hr) Outputs
20 - 5000 1 - 40

Hess Machines

Hess Machines are built to suit the bottled water industry. These machines are powerful, reliable and have been used in the industry for decades!

Hess Machines Quick-Specs
Ozone Output (g/hr) Rated Flow (lpm) Supply Gas Tank Size (gal)
4.5 - 76 7.08 - 340 Dry Air 0 - 300

Ozone Chambers

Ozone Chambers are ideal for applications where products need to be treated with ozone. These can range from something that can sit on a work bench to an entire trailer - we custom build these to suit your needs!

Ozone Chambers Quick-Specs
Ozone Output (g/hr) Ozone concentration (ppm) Supply Gas Sizing
2 - 40+ 400 - 500 Ambient Air Benchtop - Large Trailer