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General Information About Ozone

Ozone Overview:

Molecular Formula O3 O2
Alternate Names Triatomic Oxygen -
Molecular Weight  48 g/mol. 32 g/mol.
Color Light Blue Colorless
Characteristic Smell "Electrical" Odor -
Solubility in Water (0°C) 0.640 0.049
Density  2.144 g/l 1.429 g/l
Boiling Point -111.9°C -183°C
Flash Point Not Applicable Not Applicable
Auto-Ignition Temperature Not Applicable Not Applicable
Flammability None None
Electrochemical Potential (eV) 2.07 J/mol. 1.23 J/mol.
Did you know that ozone is made in nature? It naturally does it in two ways - Lightning (Corona Discharge) and Sun (UV Light)
Lightning (Corona Discharge) - Lightning passing through the air creates ozone from oxygen.
Sun (UV Light) - Oxygen in the presence of 185 NM UV light creates ozone.
Both methods break up oxygen molecules to form ozone. 
How does Ozone Solutions make ozone? With the same methods as above, but on a much smaller scale.


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