DR Series


The DR-Series Shock Treatment Ozone Generators are:

  • Extremely-powerful
  • Commercial-grade ozone generators

Used for:

  • Remediation
  • Disaster restoration work
  • Airborne viral disinfection

Each DR-Series ozone generator is a complete:

  • Self-contained ozone generation system
  • No external compressed air or oxygen supply is required

You simply plug it in, and it is ready for use. DR-Series ozone generators use ambient air to produce up to 25 grams per hour of concentrated gaseous ozone. This allows you to effectively disinfect spaces from 10 ft2 to 10,000 ft2!

Their lightweight and compact design make each DR-Series ozone machine easy to transport and relocate into different areas of your home or workplace. The high frequency generation technology ensures maximum ozone output even in high humidity. After ozone treatment, the unit destroys any ozone present in ambient air. This high-flow destruct unit provides a shorter turnaround time allowing rooms to be occupied more quickly, enabling you to significantly improve your work efficiency.


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