API-465L (Refurbished) : Low Range Ozone Analyzer - Nema enclosure with 6 Channel option

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API-465L (Refurbished) : Low Range Ozone Analyzer - Nema enclosure with 6 Channel option
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Product Overview

The API-465L UV Photometric Ozone Monitor is perfect for low ozone level measuring, and is extremely stable. It is NIST traceable calibrated and contains pressure and temperature compensation technology to ensure that it reads accurately under any condition. The wall-mount version is in a NEMA enclosure and is extremely hardy. The rack-mount version is a good choice for including in systems. Review the manual here.

The API-465L can be configured to measure any range of ozone up to 500ppm. If you are going to be measuring low concentrations of ozone, it's important to set the sensor to measure lower levels of ozone (i.e. 0-1ppm). 

6 Channel Option - This option allows the M465L to measure ozone at up to six different sampling points by using an internal stream selector. 3 or 6 channel stream selectors are available.

NEMA 4X - NEMA enclosure 


  • Lower detectable limit of 3 ppb ozone
  • Programmable relay contacts
  • Built-in diagnostics
  • Fast response times
Optional Accessories Description
Ethernet Communication protocol allowing for connections to a wide variety of devices and networks.
Sample Conditioner The Sample Conditioner option is a water drop-out filter and a permeation gas dryer, designed for high-humidity environments.
Intake Filter Kit PVDF Filter Housing 47 mm with 1/4" Fittings. Kit Includes: FHS (Filter Housing), and FPK-10 (Filters- Package of ten)

What is the maximum amount of tubing I can use to transport ozone to the analyzer?

30 feet of tubing would be the maximum length of tubing recommended.