AS-A : 25 SCFH Oxygen Concentrator

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Product Overview

The AS-A is a cost effective method of providing oxygen at pressures up to 65 PSIG. 

Industrial design uses steel zeolite towers and rebuildable solenoid valves for a easy to maintain system that will never wear out or become obsolete. 

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  • Produces 25 SCFH oxygen at up to 65 PSI
  • Produces Oxygen from Compressed Air
  • Microprocessor Controlled
  • Low Operating Cost
  • Automatic Unattended Operation
  • Easy to install and maintain

More Information

Weight 134.0 lbs (60.8 kg)
Dimensions 11 x 13 x 50 inches (27.9 x 33 x 127 cm)
Warranty 1 Years
In Stock 2 weeks
Max Pressure 65 PSI (4.57 Bar)
Oxygen Connection 1/4-inch NPT
Inlet/Outlet Connections 3/8-inch NPT
Integrated Compressor No 6 CFM @ 90 PSI required
Oxygen Flow Rate 11.8 LPM (25 SCFH)