Benefits of Ozone Machine Rental

16th Feb 2021

We all appreciate the smell (and the peace of mind) of fresh, clean air; and we all know the importance of killing bacteria on surfaces and in water. However, occasionally homeowners or organizations find themselves needing a one-time or temporary solution to combat a more severe odor or pathogen problem, such as smoke damage, pet odors, or mold remediation.

Ozone machines (ozone generators) are designed and uniquely capable of providing either solution. Unfortunately, purchasing an ozone generator may not always be a viable option. When these situations arise, ozone machine rental allows customers to. resolve the problem without the need for a lengthy consultation process or large up-front costs. By renting an ozone machine, you can often take care of those odors or mold within a matter of days. When choosing the right ozone machine for your situation, renting may offer the perfect solution for your disinfection demands.

When compared with other disinfection options such as chlorine, ozone offers numerous advantages. First, ozone can destroy pollutants and pathogens in environments where chlorine can’t – both for water treatment and air treatment. Second, ozone can eliminate most pollutants more quickly. Finally, ozone not only destroys bacteria cells, but it does so without leaving any harmful chemical residue. The only byproduct of the process is oxygen. If you would like to learn more about ozone, visit our "How Ozone Workspage.

Ozone Rental on Your Budget

Even with all of the cleaning and disinfection benefits of ozone, some organizations are still cautious about purchasing an ozone system. Perhaps because of the economic uncertainties brought on by the coronavirus, limited discretionary budget availability, or just the uncertainty of ozone technology, your organization may feel the need for a more limited financial commitment. Ozone machine rental provides the perfect balance between your budget demands and your disinfection needs, with rental terms tailored to your situation. Ozone Solutions' industry-leading technology provides commercial ozone generators that have proven to be cost-effective and efficient across dozens of industries.

If odor control, bacteria, or mold are concerns for your operation, the sterilizing power of ozone has shown a 99.99% effectiveness rate in killing bacteria, microorganisms, fungi, and even many types of insects and their larvae. This proves ozone to be a much more versatile and environmentally friendly disinfectant than hazardous chemical alternatives. By renting, or renting-to-own, you get all the disinfectant benefits for a flat monthly rate, plus the following:

  • Time Savings: Ozone works fast, allowing your home or organization to return to normal quickly.
  • Easy Start-Up: Getting up and running with a residential ozone machine is simple and straightforward. For larger industrial applications, we provide an easy-to-follow operations manual and can help with the set-up.
  • Flexible Rental Terms: Equipment can be rented by the day, week, month, or year. Our rental terms start at 2-days and can be extended for as long as you would like.
  • Rise in Productivity: An ozone system will help eliminate odor complaints, which allows everyone to get more done.
  • Little to No Maintenance: With our monthly agreements, you don’t need to worry about maintenance or assigning staff for upkeep responsibilities, so you can keep labor-related costs down.
  • No Harmful By-Products: Ozone’s by-product is oxygen, eliminating clean up and making it one of the safest, most environmentally friendly disinfectant options.

Other Ozone Machine Rental Options

In determining the specifics of an ozone generator, you will need to first consider your application. Industrial ozone generators vary from ground/water remediation trailers to clean-in-place spray down ozone systems. Ozone Solutions is constantly manufacturing and upgrading our rental line to provide the best and easiest-to-use ozone generation systems. Residential and commercial ozone generators are designed for shock treatment and re-energizing your home or office to address odors, mold remediation, and virus elimination. Ozone Solutions' range of ozone generators offers you options that provide the exact amount of ozone required for your household needs.

Don’t stop your evaluation at just a generator. Ozone monitors and analyzers are necessary for personal safety and for analyzing the ozone usage in various applications. Ozone Solutions uses high-end monitors and analyzers to help determine the ozone concentration required at the usage point. This concentration is important for determining the right size ozone unit.

What About Buying an Ozone System

Of course, renting an ozone generator is not the only option. Buying an ozone machine or having a custom industrial ozone system designed for you is the logical and economical choice in many commercial and industrial settings. Purchasing is the best choice if you have an ongoing need for bacteria or pathogen elimination. Industries such as water treatment, food and beverage, and healthcare can all benefit by implementing ozone systems.

One of the greatest advantages of choosing Ozone Solutions for your rental needs is that we make the transition from renting to owning seamless and painless. We offer a rent-to-own program that enables you to set up a fully operating system with a rental agreement.

With Ozone Solutions, the ozone machine rental process could not be any easier or any more effective. Ozone Solutions has a rental fleet of industrial ozone generators, residential ozone generators, and ozone monitors. Give one of our knowledgeable staff a call today (888) 892-0303 to help determine which ozone machine is right for you.