Furniture Odors

Posted by Ozone Solutions on 20th May 2022

Furniture Odors

Ozone and Furniture Odors

Ozone is effective at treating odors in furniture.
Begin with answering these questions:
  1. Was your furniture in a flood?
  2. Did a large amount of water spill on the furniture?
  3. Did a window get left open and the furniture got rained on?
  4. Did anyone have a urination problem?

Odor Elimination

Ozone can eliminate any musty odors that penetrate the fabric.

  • A shampoo cleaning of the fabric is the first step if the furniture allows a water based cleaning method. Check the label instructions.
  • Place the ozone generator output end just under the plastic with the rest of the ozone generator out in the room. Make sure the plastic is taped to the ozone generator to prevent any escape of ozone.
  • Place a large piece of plastic or tarp over the entire piece of furniture so all the edges of the plastic / tarp is flush with the floor to prevent any ozone from escaping into the room.
  • Once the furniture is completely dry, an ozone generator should be used to kill the lingering odors that might be trapped in areas that the cleaning process could not otherwise reach such as some underside areas.
  • A dry cleaning method for hypersensitive, wool and other non-water based materials should only be used on upholstery as a dry cleaning agent.
  • When dealing with musty, moldy odors in furniture or carpeting a mold and mildew inhibitor should be added to the rinse process of the cleaning method.