​Inactivation of COVID-19 with Ozone Gas

Posted by Ozone Solutions on 20th Oct 2021

Ozone is Effective Against Covid-19

A research team lead by Nara Medical University, is the first in the world to confirm the inactivation of the new coronavirus by exposure to ozone gas. The study was completed on SARS-CoV-2 which is the virus that causes COVID-19.

The team that made this discovery: Nara Medical University (Professor Toshikazu Yano, Director of Infectious Diseases, Takashi Kasahara, Director of Infectious Diseases) and MBT Consortium (members of the Subcommittee of Infectious Diseases: Quorl Holdings Co, Ltd, Sanyu Shoji Co, Ltd, Tamuratec Co, Ltd, Marusan Pharmaceutical Biotech Co, Ltd.)

Since COVID-19 struck, we have all been working on methods of disinfection and the best ways to keep our area free of the virus. In most cases, this involves hand-wiping multiple areas with alcohol, bleach, or some other disinfectant.

The findings from this study have confirmed what many suspected - Ozone gas is effective against COVID-19.

The result of the study is that "ozone inactivation of the new coronavirus was conducted, and the relationship between ozone concentration and exposure time and ozone inactivation has been clarified experimentally.

Ozone (chemical formula: O3) is an allotropic form of oxygen, made up of three oxygen atoms. It one of the strongest oxidizers, which not much more than fluoride being close, and destroys cells like bacteria and decomposes the chemical bonds between substances.

As for the effectiveness of ozone, the bactericidal power is 7 times that of chlorine and has been considered "particularly effective" for the control of infectious diseases.

In Japan, the fire department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications introduced ozone to Japan for the first time in 2008, when it identified ozone as part of the measures to prevent the new flu infection and authorized its use in main airports.

Since then, application on medical sites has progressed and the number of medical institutions introducing ozone generators for the purpose of preventing the spread of healthcare associated infections has been increasing.

The bactericidal ozone-based approach has also been accepted as a measure against new coronavirus infections (COVID-19.)

Since January of 2021, when COVID-19 infection was spreading around the world, not only medical institutions, but also ambulances, hospitals, hotels, etc. have adopted ozone generators.

Ozone gas is clearly a strong option as an effective sterilization method saving time and covering more area.

ozone covid test

The following is the research team's experiment Content and Procedure

  • Cultivate a new cell line of coronavirus
  • Place a stainless-steel plate in an ozone-proof hermetic box installed in a safety cabinet
  • Apply the new coronavirus to be tested
  • Use an ozonator (medical device certified by PMDA: ozone generator) installed in the ozone-proof hermetic box, the ozone concentration in the ozone-proof hermetic box is controlled and maintained from 1.0 to 6.0 ppm
  • The amount of ozone exposure is set by the CT value. (The CT 330 value is used, which is a verification test value for the certification of medical devices by the PMDA of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Wellness.)
  • After exposure, inoculate the cells with the virus
  • Determine if the virus has infected the cells and calculate the amount of virus.
  • 1) With a CT value of 330 (55 minute exposure to an ozone concentration of 6 ppm,) it was inactivated from 1/1,000 to 1/10,000.
  • 2) At a CT value of 60 (60 minutes of exposure to an ozone concentration of 1 ppm,) it was inactivated from 1/10 to 1/100.

In this study, we confirmed that ozone can inactivate up to 1/10,000. This means a 4 Log reduction.

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