Odors No More

20th Aug 2020

Ozone Can Kill the Cause of Odors

No matter how much you clean and scrub, odors still linger. Everyone knows the solution to a problem is getting to the source! Air fresheners briefly mask an odor. An ozone treatment can get to the source and kill the cause of the odor once and for all. If you strive to make sure that your building’s bad odors are not just hidden under another layer of smell for a short time, Ozone Solutions has your solution!

Ozone Solutions has portable units to deodorize your home and office all the way down to the microorganisms that cause the odor. Pathogens hide in the cracks and crevasses, behind those shelves that never move, under the stove, the laundry room washer and dryer, the boy’s locker/bed room, the big spaces that you just can’t reach and the small hidden that you just can’t see – ozone is a gas that infiltrates those unreachable spots. Ozone molecules attack the pollutants like mold, bacteria, SAARS viruses and other biologicals at the cellular level. The image below demonstrates how ozone destroys odors by oxidation: oxidize (break downing the wall of the cell) and eliminate (destroy the cell so it can no longer reproduce). No harsh chemicals left behind - just pure oxygen!

Ozone Process

As ozone reacts with odor causing molecules, the odor is destroyed. Stronger odors mean more odor causing molecules are present - therefore more ozone is needed. Ozone Solutions’ sales and engineering team can help you determine how much ozone is needed.

Ozone destoys many odors including some of the worst, such as:


After applying an ozone treatment your space is left smelling like fresh laundry hung on the line! If you are interested in more specifics – please contact us at sales@ozonesolutions.com.