Ozone in Aquaculture and Zoos

Posted by Ozone Solutions on 20th Oct 2021

Ozone in Aquaculture and Zoos

Ozone applications in aquaculture and zoos has increased due to its numerous advantages over traditional water treatment methods. Disinfection of circulated water is essential to maintaining fish health. Ozone provides effective disinfection without producing harmful byproducts or chemical residuals. Ozone Solutions can provide instrumentation that monitors key process parameters such as water flow, dissolved oxygen (DO), ammonia, temperature and pH. These monitors will alert operators to potential problems for quick response time. Ozone Solutions' industry leading technology works great for drinking water treatment for other animals as well. Clean drinking water is essential for animal health and reproduction. Ozone treatment lowers the number of illnesses and deaths.

Ozone Benefits for Aquaculture and Zoos:

  • Reduced water usage
  • Faster growth rates
  • Reduction of waterborne diseases
  • Higher standard of environmental control
  • Supplements other treatment processes
To take full advantage of ozone, you have to understand the basics.  Click here to learn more.

Aquaculture and Ozone Solutions:

Ozone Solutions carries all the equipment and expertise to handle ozone aquaculture applications, including:

Why Ozone Use is Growing in Aquaculture:

  • It effectively removes organics, pesticides, discoloration and nitrates.
  • Typically unconsumed ozone reverts back to oxygen, leaving no harmful residuals behind.
  • Ozone oxidizes long chain molecules, which are unaffected by biofiltration.
  • Ozone involves far lower risk of accidental pollution in comparison to other water treatment methods.
  • O3 improves the effectiveness of biological and particulate filtration.

Typical Schematic of an Ozone / Aquaculture System