Ozone Solubility

24th Apr 2020

Ozone Solubility

The chart below shows ozone solubility vs. temperature for different ozone concentrations. The water pressure is at atmospheric (0 psiG).

Several conclusions can be suggested from the chart. They are the following:

  • Lower temperatures permit higher dissolved ozone concentrations
  • Higher ozone concentrations, in the ozone gas, permit higher dissolved ozone concentrations

Just how soluble is ozone?

Ozone is extremely soluble! At 25° C, ozone solubility is 109 mg/l. The solubility of oxygen is 8 mg/l. Ozone is 13 times more soluble than oxygen.

So why is it so difficult to get high dissolved ozone concentrations into water?

The reason could be because the ozone concentration being applied to the water is often between 1-3% ozone. Ozone is also very reactive and rapidly reacts with contaminants in the water, as well as quickly decomposing back to oxygen in water.