Selecting the Correct Generator Size

10th Apr 2020

Picking the right ozone generator

For both our residential and industrial generators, the process of selecting the appropriate generator includes many variables. For residential units; variables such as type of odor, square footage, humidity, temperature, etc. will effect your generator selection. For industrial units; variables such as feed-gas generation, objective, budgets, square footage, etc. will effect your generator selection. Let our team of technical sales representative help you make that choice easier!  

DR-10                                                             Mobilezone Series


Waterzone Series                                     Remediation Trailer (RMT)


Should I rent or buy?

When it comes to ozone equipment, both renting and buying can both be profitable options. Which one is better depends upon your specific needs. If you have a one time need for ozone, such as smoke damage or need to evaluate a product without having to make a large investment, renting is a great option. However, if you have an ongoing need, such as killing bacteria or water purification, you may want to consider buying. At Ozone Solutions we are very confident in the potential of our generators to destroy your odor issue. In fact, we guarantee that if you follow our ozone generator rental guidelines, your odor will be destroyed or your money back. Check out our Rental Services page.