MA-1000 : Replacement Mica Assembly

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Product Overview

This is a replacement mica assembly for the OMZ-1000, OMZ-2500, OMZ-3400, OMZ-1000-HF(T), OMZ-2600-HF(T), OMZ-3600-HF(T), OMZ-5000 HF(T), and OMZ-9000-HF(T) ozone generators. This part is simple to replace, and can be kept as a spare. This includes the (2)mica plates, the inner stainless steel corona panel, and the stainless steel sleeve (as shown above).


  • This assembly fits all OMZ-1000 (thru OMZ-9000) Ozone Generators
  • Simple replacement
  • Makes your ozone generator "LIKE NEW" again!
  • Can be purchased as a spare

More Information

Weight 0.080 lbs (0.036 kg)
Dimensions 4 x 0.1 x 3.5 inches (10.2 x 0.2 x 8.9 cm)