Small Commercial

Ozone Solutions carries a variety of solutions for smaller commercial and industrial facilities for ozone disinfection and purification applications. From water disinfection to air quality purification, chances are we have a product that will suit your application.

One of the key benefits of ozone is for drinking water disinfection. Drinking water treated with ozone kills or inactivates any pathogenic microorganisms, including viruses, bacteria, and parasites and removes inorganic trace contaminants found in water systems due to pollution. Ozone treatment also reduces naturally occurring organic compounds such as humic acid and algal metabolites. Surface waters, including lakes and rivers, generally contain higher levels of microorganisms. Therefore, they are more prone to contamination than groundwater and require different treatment regimes. Ozone Solutions' industry-leading technology provides an effective treatment to reduce customer risk and ensure compliance to increasingly stricter drinking water regulations being enacted worldwide.

Ozone Benefits for Drinking Water Treatment

  • No environmental or health-endangering by-products due to a reduction of chemical usage
  • Lower quantities and less reaction time are required than chemicals such as chlorine
  • pH insensitivity
  • Produced merely from energy and oxygen/air and reverts back to oxygen after the reaction
  • Reduction in energy consumption
  • Removal of odors and colors
  • Natural taste and smell of the water is preserved
  • Disinfection, i.e., killing of microorganisms (giardia lamblia/virus inactivation/elimination of cryptosporidia, and other contaminants)
  • No formation of haloforms
  • Enhancement of the flocculation / coagulation-decantation process
  • Most powerful oxidizer (Iron and manganese for effective filtration) (Hydrogen sulfur or other sulfur-based compounds)
  • Degradation of pesticides, pharmaceutical residues, and other trace contamination
  • Removal of organic and inorganic matter


I would like to commend Ozone Solutions for their quality workmanship and superior customer service. They were extremely helpful during the engineering, planning and building process, offering both time-saving and cost-saving ideas to the design of the remedial system. Thank you for your continued professionalism and proficiency.