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Product Overview

The Dualzone ozone injection system is an Aqueous and Gaseous ozone disinfection system. An easy and simple installtion that generates high and accurate dissolved and ambient ozone levels.  Includes an assembled destruct unit for safety.

• Full stainless steel skid system
• 60 grams / hour ozone production
• HMI & PLC controlled for remote log-in capabilities
• Simply requires dry & oil-less compressed air
• Water flow from 1-300gpm
• Inline dissolved ozone monitor for verification
• Assembled destruct unit for safety
• Ready-to-use upon delivery

Optional Equipment Description
Air Compressor Provides compressed air for oxygen concentrator which eliminates the need for compressed air supply.
ORP Meter Monitors ORP level in water, will also control ozone level with indirect reading
Remote Ambient Ozone Monitor Monitors ozone levels near water point of use for safety purposes
50 Hz Power Necessary for overseas use