499AOZ Dissolved O3 Sensor


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California Regulatory Information

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Product Overview

The 499AOZ sensor is a membrane-covered amperometric sensor for the continuous determination of dissolved ozone in water. The primary applications include ozone measurement in municipal drinking water, bottled water and soft drinks. Other applications include semiconductor and pharmaceutical manufacturing and food processing.


  • Molded from ozone-resistant polysulfone
  • Easily replaceable membrane, no special tools required
  • Pressure Equalization maintains correct membrane tension in pressurized samples
  • Automatic compensation for changes in membrane permeability
  • Variopol connector option allows the sensor to be replaced without running new cable

California Regulatory Warning

All of Ozone Solutions ozone generators are intended for industrial use ONLY within the state of California.
They are to be used in unoccupied spaces only.
Health hazard warning: emits ozone.