Cannabis and Ozone

Posted by Ozone Solutions on 21st Oct 2021

Ozone Disinfection for Cannabis

Ozone generators harness the power of three oxygen atoms (O3.) Two of the oxygen atoms form the oxygen that we breathe, and the third oxygen atom has the unique ability to attach to molecules.

Ozone Generator Benefits

  • Better than Chlorine - Ozone is an incredibly powerful oxidizing agent. Significantly more potent than chlorine bleach, ozone is 2.5 times more effective than chlorine at tackling mold, pathogens, fungi, and bud rot. Not only could you periodically subject a grow room to ozone as a means of cleansing your cannabis plants and soil, but it can also be used to sterilize equipment, and completely reset a growing area between cultivations. Easily and efficiently clean down pH meters, cutters, screens, fans, or anything else that may be used.
  • Hydroponic Option - Ozonated water is a great way to cleanse a hydroponic system without having to drain it down and spend hours disinfecting everything. Pumping ozone into water can clean entire hydroponic systems as the ozone molecules will bind to harmful pathogens in the water in the same way they would in the atmosphere. You could even use the ozone generator during a grow cycle, to purify both the water and root systems at the same time avoiding root rot.
  • Use Ozone for your Exhaust - Place ozone generators on the exhaust pipes of a ventilation system to capture evaporated terpene molecules. Terpenes are the compounds responsible for giving marijuana its sweet, seductive aroma. If discretion is the name of the game, then consider adding an ozone generator to the exhaust. Any ozone molecules escaping outdoors would be quickly dispersed.

Ozone Safety

  • Select a generator with the correct output for the size of the area you are growing. If you choose an industrial ozone generator to cleanse a small grow room, then ozone levels could be too high.
  • Purchase an ozone monitor to guarantee the correct balance of ozone.
  • Ventilate the room well and leave it to air for an additional hour, so that any excess ozone molecules can disperse.
  • Be sure everyone in the immediate area knows that an ozone generator is in operation. You don't want anyone wandering into your grow room while the unit is running.

Ozone GREEN Product

Ozone is a true GREEN PRODUCT, unlike chemicals which must be reduced in waste water. Ozone reverts back to Oxygen after the oxidation process. Ozone also leaves no chemical residue and will actually remove existing residue.

Ozone In Cannabis Grow-out and Processing