Ozone and Beef Primal/Sub-Primal Treatment

Posted by Ozone Solutions on 11th Jan 2022

Ozone and Beef Primal/Sub-Primal Treatment

Ozonated Water: a Micro Intervention

The strong oxidation property of Ozone allows Ozonated Water to destroy cell membranes of all food born to bacteria. The German Health Ministry was the first to introduce this water treatment when it proved that the disinfectant solutions will kill E.coli on contact in 1982.

In the below study, beef primal and sub-primal were subjected to spray treatment with ozonated water 1 ppm dissolved Ozone at 10 pounds per square inch (PSI) pressure or less, with a (nf) contact of approximately 10 seconds. Enumeration of total aerobic bacteria surface population was reduced by 2.26 log10 CFU/100 cmx for the antimicrobial interventions. This trial intervention also reduced the total coliforms by 2.31 log10 CFU/100 cml. This data supports that Ozonated Water applied at 1 ppm before mechanical tenderization or moisture enhancement can effectively reduce most surface food born pathogens.

In Processing Plants Today

Ozone Solutions has several Ozone Systems operating in poultry plants today and while Poultry is not Beef we can support that low dose Ozonated Water does reduce the log count of surface pathogens.

Controlling Ozone

Ozone works well in both gaseous form and ozonated water treatments. The need to control off gassing of ozone and destruct ozone to ensure plant workers are always safe and the plant operator is within OSHA operating limits while using ozone is critical. Ozone Solutions offers a larger variety of Ozone Water Systems which are monitored through Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) and Environmental Monitoring. The Environmental Monitors help control the amount of Ozone that is being mixed in order to stay within OSHA limits.

Other Benefits of Ozone

Hand Surface sanitizer which can be used on:
  • Processing Tools
  • Processing Equipment (CIP)

-Low cost and reduced dependency on supply chain -Green Technology

Reference Material:

Efficacy of Ozonated Water use as Antimicrobial Intervention in Beef Primal & Sub-Primal