Ozone Fruits & Vegetables

24th Apr 2020

Ozone Fruits & Vegetables

Ozone Use on Fruits and Vegetables

The Problem

Fruits and vegetables will carry bacteria and mold directly out of the field, which reduces shelf life and can cause serious health issues. While nearly all food processing facilities rinse produce with clean water, rinsing alone does not adequately sanitize against mold and bacteria.

Typically the minimal oxidant present in the water rinse (usually chlorine) is quickly consumed by the bacteria and mold leaving significant contamination behind to spread to other produce in the processing line. The resulting spoilage quickly leads to lower profits.

Select bacteria can also cause serious health issues if ingested by humans with weak immune systems, specifically 

the young and elderly. Contaminated fruits and vegetables can quickly put a produce company into a situation where it is the subject of front-page headlines across the United States.

The Inquiry

Clients will contact Ozone Solutions to design and manufacture a turn-key ozone injection system that will increase shelf life and increase product safety. The majority of clients want a low maintenance, low cost ozone system with a small foot print. They desire to spray ozonated water on the final rinse to attain complete sanitization.

The Design

Ozone Solutions designs a turn-key ozone system that integrates with a customer's existing water supply. The "hands off system" automatically maintains a preset dissolved ozone level and requires very little human oversight. In the event that ozone exceeds a safe level, an incorporated ozone sensor will terminate ozone production.

The Results

After installation, the ozonated produce has a longer shelf life and less spoilage occurs during transit and on the customer's shelf. In fact, many companies can achieve a 20-50% reduction in spoilage, which results in a very rapid payback, higher profits and a significant reduction in the possibility of a headline-grabbing public health issue.