Professional Disaster Restoration

Posted by Ozone Solutions on 18th Oct 2021

Disaster Restoration

Ozone Advantages for professional small business operations:

  • Works fast
  • Minimal costs
  • Safe
  • Low maintenance
  • Simple operation
  • Treats up to 50,000 sf
  • Ozone reaches all airspaces
  • Variable control allows fine-tuning of ozone output for each application

What separates Ozone from the rest? Ozone infiltrates carpet, furniture, ventilation ducts and cracks to destroy the smoke smell.

Fire and Water Restoration:

Whether it's fire or water damage, ozone should be an integral part of the disaster restoration process. Ozone can remove odors related to soot, smoke, mold and mildew in a cost-effective, time-saving way. Give us a call to see how ozone can make your business more competitive!

Odor Removal in Residential Homes:


Our units can be located anywhere inside the house for quick and easy odor removal. Placing the ozone generator by an air intake is an ideal way to distribute ozone throughout the entire house.

Odor Removal in Commercial Buildings:

Our Turn-key ozone system ( TS-Series) is a common unit that is used in commercial or industrial buildings. For example, injecting a high concentration of ozone with our TS-20 in the return air of a facility using a forced air system is an effective solution in removing any odor, especially pertaining to fire or water claims. With the combination of the TS-20 and the S-500 ozone monitor/sensor, organic odors can be taken care of in a matter of hours, once soot or any residue clean up is completed.

The TS-20 is an oxygen fed compact portable unit that leaves no corrosive substances for destroying contents or structure. The TS-20 will give the adjuster and DR provider a faster time in getting the insured/customer back into the comfort of their building. Using Ozone Solutions' combination of products developed by their own 20- year Disaster Restoration Provider.

Helping the insurance company alleviate their claim payout to an insured can only elevate your reputation as a Disaster Restoration Provider.

Ozone Monitors and Accessories:

Controlling and sensing the amount of ozone being used on-site during a Disaster Restoration fire/smoke claim is important for the safety of everyone: The disaster restoration provider, the insured, or anyone entering the facility during Restoration.

This ozone equipment will also protect the insurance company from any wasteful monetary payouts of each claim that is caused from careless use. Owning and using this equipment keeps the Disaster Restoration provider accountable for his professional services and builds a great reputation with all parties involved.

Placing the Sensor unit near the farthest forced air register from the blower fan, detects the amount produced for sufficient deodorizing.

The  S-500 ozone monitor is detecting ozone near a forced-air register.

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Ozone Solutions Ozone Generator Rental Line

  • Generators for everything from small rooms to large-scale disaster recovery
  • 950 - 10,000 mg/hr ozone production
  • DIY operation
  • Compact size for ozone production
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Ozone Solutions Ozone Generators for Purchase

  • We sell both Corona Discharge and UV technology
  • 200 - 25,000 mg/hr ozone production
  • Many feature variable output, flexible timer, and high flow switches
  • Most generators include a 6 year warranty!
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