Hess Series Generators


The Hess Machine Ozone Generators

  • Designed for use in the Bottled Water Industry.
  • These ozone generators produce ozone from dry air with an integrated air dryer, meaning only compressed air and electricity are required for operation.

Hess Machines are

  • The most reliable and robust ozone generators in production today.
  • The Hess Machine Ozone Generators can be used for any application where ozone from dry air is required.
  • These generators are well built and reliable, allowing them to provide you with many years of operation.

Ozone as a Pre-Treatment Step

Ozone can be used at pre-treatment process steps to assist in removing iron, sulfur, manganese, color, bacteria, taste and odor. Pre-ozonation reduces maintenance costs by controlling fouling and the development of biofilm. While the overall treatment system needs to be adapted to the quality of the water source, ozone will not leave residuals that alter the taste of the final product, unlike chlorine or chemical options. 

Ozone as a Disinfection Step

During the ozone disinfection step, a protective environment is created against bacteria, viruses, and parasites. In bottled water ozonation, the ozone system is controlled to maintain a specific dissolved ozone concentration during a set contact time, which provides powerful, chemical-free disinfection and oxidation before the bottling step. In addition, using ozone in disinfection provides a very effective method to eliminate undesired taste and odor.

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