Gas Monitoring Equipment

Air/Gas Monitors & Analyzers
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Ozone & Gas Monitors Select from a full-range of ozone and gas detection equipment, including low-cost detector cards and complex samplers equipped with relays, alarms, and data logging. UV Ozone & Gas Analyzers are commonly referred to as process analyzers. These Devices measure ozone using a UV-light and are more accurate than the ambient air ozone monitors.


Dissolved Ozone & Gas Monitors

Dissolved Ozone Monitors: measure ozone dissolved in water. Either process streams or water samples can be evaluated. These monitors will unlock the secret to what is going on in your water system!


Monitor Accessories & Replacement Sensors
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Monitor Accessories: Alarms, flashing lights, relays, data loggers, remote heads: Whatever you may need to get your ozone and gas detection device to be the whole package can be found here.

Replacement sensors: To get you up and running in minimal time.


  • UV-106W : Dissolved Ozone Analyzer

    Ozone Analyzer - Dissolved - UV-106W


    Now: $17,000.00
  • API-454 : High Concentration Ozone Analyzer

    Ozone Analyzer - High Concentration - API-454H


    Now: $9,960.00
  • UV-106H : High Concentration UV Ozone Analyzer

    Ozone Analyzer - High Range - UV-106H


    Now: $8,448.00
  • UV-106L : Low Concentration Ozone Analyzer

    Ozone Analyzer - Low Range - UV-106L


    Now: $7,680.00
  • UV-106M : Medium Range Ozone Analyzer

    Ozone Analyzer - Medium Range - UV-106M


    Now: $7,680.00
  • UV-106MH : Medium-High Range Ozone Analyzer

    Ozone Analyzer - Medium/High Range - UV-106MH


    Now: $8,448.00
  • CUV-1 : Ozone Analyzer Carry Case

    Ozone Analyzer Carry Case - CUV-1


    Now: $295.00
  • A23-14 : Ozone Calibration Source

    Ozone Calibration Source - A23-14


    Now: $1,470.00
  • R-25 : Universal Ozone Control Relay

    Ozone Control Relay - Universal - R-25

    Ozone Solutions

    Now: $441.93
  • OEM-1 Ozone Controller

    Ozone Controller - OEM-1


    Now: $145.60
  • OEM-2 Ozone Controller

    Ozone Controller - OEM-2


    Now: $200.00
  • ES-600 : Industrial Grade Ozone Controller and Monitor
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