Ozone Generator Repair

11th Aug 2019

Ozone Generator Repair

Repair of Residential and Commercial Ozone Generators

Did your generator stop producing ozone? Are you having trouble tracing the source of an ozone leak? Did a failed check valve result in fluid backfeeding into your ozone generator? Ozone Solutions can provide troubleshooting and repair for most types of ozone generators, whether they are residential, commercial or industrial models. We will service every brand that we sell, and also many competing brands of generators as well. Travel to your location is available as well.

Ozone Generator Diagnosis - Ozone Solutions has the expertise, inventory and connections necessary to troubleshoot or repair most brands of ozone generators. For residential units, this can include tasks such as timer repair, replacement of mica plates or replacement of corona tubes. For commercial or industrial ozone machines, this might include repair of leaks or even internal drying of generators and plasma blocks. As with our ozone monitor repair, customers are notified after an initial diagnosis. Repair proceeds after customer approval. If you choose to not repair the unit, the only charge you will incur is our standard $50 diagnostic fee (this fee is waived if you proceed with the repair).

On-site Travel - Need help locating an ozone leak somewhere in your current installation? Trouble with a large system that you are unable to ship or allow downtime on? On-site troubleshooting, repair or installation can be arranged!

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