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Product Overview

Ozone Solutions

Ozone Injection System designed to quickly integrate into an existing water line. The Waterzone system produces and introduces 20 g/hr of ozone into up to 30 GPM of water flow. The Waterzone Ozone Injection systems offer a turn-key ozone system with reliability and performance you can trust.

Base Product Components
20 gram/hour Ozone Generator  
12 SCFH Oxygen Concentrator  
Ozone Injection System 1/2 HP Water Injection Pump, MK-784 Venturi Injector, 15 Gallon Stainless Steel Contact Tank, De-Gassing Valve
Siemens 7" Touch Screen Interface Microprocessor Control, Ambient Ozone Sensor, Hour Meter, Temperature Sensor, Ambient Relative Humidity Sensor, Water Flow Switch
System Skid  
Painted Steel Controls Cabinet  
Interconnecting Teflon tubing, mounting rack, clamps, etc.  
Installation and Operation Manuals  
K-7404 Ozone Test Kit to verify ozone concentrations in the water  
Optional Equipment Description
AS-500 Dissolved Ozone Monitor Monitors and controls ozone level in the water (in ppm)
ORP Monitor Monitors ORP level in water, will also control ozone level with indirect reading
Remote Ambient Ozone Monitor Monitors ozone levels near water point of use for safety purposes
ODS 1H Destroys all undissolved ozone from contact tank and includes water trap
Air Compressor Provides compressed air for oxygen concentrator which eliminates the need for compressed air supply
50 Hz Power Necessary for overseas use


  • Introduces 20 grams/hour ozone into 30 GPM water flows
  • Produces ozone from integrated Oxygen Concentrator
  • Will provide 30 GPM Water Flow with 2.0 PPM Dissolved Ozone Level
  • Customizable system can be configured for your specific application
  • High efficiency with excellent superb transfer of ozone
  • All plumbing and fittings are stainless steel
  • Tri-Clamp connections are used


More Information
Adjustable Ozone Output Dial Yes
Cooling Air Cooled
Flowmeter Yes
Pressure Gauge Yes
Ozone Output 20 grams/hour (1.06 lbs/day)
Weight 350.0000
Electrical 120 VAC 60 Hz (120V/50Hz Available)
Dimensions 39 x 18 x 70.5 inches (99.1 x 45.7 x 179.1 cm)
Warranty 1 Years
Materials Wetted Stainless Steel
Max Water Flowrate 30 GPM
Contact Tank Size 15 Gallons
Mounting Style Skid Mounted
Max Water Pressure 100 PSI (7.03 Bar)
Oxygen Production 5.66 LPM (12 SCFH)
Operating Water Pressure 50 PSI (3.52 Bar)
Water Connections Inlet and Outlet will be 1.5-in Sanitary connections
Water Flowrate @ 2.0ppm 30 GPM
Water Flowrate @ 4.0ppm 18 GPM
Waterzone Information  
Waterzone Information  

Warranty Information

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