Monitor Calibration

23rd Feb 2020

Monitor Calibration

Ozone Solutions Calibrates Monitors from Most Major Brands

Most manufacturers recommend that their ozone monitors get calibrated once every 12 months for optimal operation. Age, environment and usage habits are all factors that can cause a monitor's readings to 'drift' over time. Eventually the readings can drift far outside of their specified accuracy range or the monitor may even stop responding to ozone at all. Staying on an annual re-calibration schedule can help keep your monitors within spec, keep your employees safe and keep your ozone levels consistent.

Low Cost - Ozone Solutions offers a low, $175 flat rate calibration fee on all heated-metal oxide (HMOS) and gas-sensitive semiconductor (GSS) ozone monitors. Due to their increased complexity, UV-based Ozone Analyzers are priced fairly, but the rate fluctuates on a case-by-case basis.

NIST Traceable

All of our calibrations are NIST traceable and come with a certificate for your files. Our comparison standard is an analyzer using UV absorption at 254 nm which accurately measures ozone at a resolution of 1 ppb.

Monitor Assessment

Prior to calibration, all monitors are checked for basic functionality and ozone response.

Controlled Environment

Our calibration chamber is capable of maintaining steady ozone levels by utilizing an ozone generator and recirculated air. This steady-state ozone environment allows us to accurately adjust monitors to match our comparison standard.

Monitor Repair

If we are unable to calibrate your ozone monitor (due to a lack of ozone response or some other hardware fault), repair is often a possibility. If we encounter this type of situation while working on your monitor we will notify you with an estimate for repair costs before proceeding with any further work. (The calibration fee does not include labor or parts for repair.)

Brands Serviced:

  • Eco Sensors
  • Aeroqual
  • Armstrong
  • ATI
  • 2B
  • Teledyne API
  • and more!